Fairmont Flyers

Remote Control Model Aviation Club

AMA Charter Club #4142

Fairmont Flyers mission is to promote the radio control flying hobby, providing a safe and positive atmosphere for our members and guests. The Fairmont Flyers also focus on improving individual building skills, flying skills, and fellowship among modelers. Training is available for beginners and guests are always welcome.

We strive to create a safe, family friendly, atmosphere. We host several events per year, including an annual charity fund raiser. The next charity fund rasier will be the weekend of September 7th, 2019

We maintain a beautiful flying field in East Fairmont WV. We also sponsor a number of events year round.

If you are a new pilot interested in join our club, or just looking for more information about starting in this hobby, please visit out New Pilots page


All guest pilots must have proof of current AMA membership and must be accompanied by a club member.

Current Field Conditions:
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Meredith Field
448 Montana Road
Fairmont WV 26554

Field Location N 39.50712, W 080.11121

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Directions from the North – WV-79 exit 139 (North Fairmont Exit):

  1. Travel along WV I-79 to Fairmont, WV exit 139 Pricket’s Fort/North Fairmont Exit
  2. Turn West (towards Exxon Gas Station) and proceed to intersection.
  3. Turn left on Old WV-73,CR-73,Speedway
  4. Turn Right onto Morgantown Ave (after Truck Stop/BP Gas station) proceed to Y approx 1000 ft
  5. At Y follow road to right (straight) proceed approx 1000 ft to County Highway 72/4 on right
  6. Turn right on Poor Farm Rd (County Highway 72/4) and go North for 1.6 miles.
  7. Meredith Field will be on the right

Directions from the South- WV-79 exit 137 (Downtown Fairmont Exit):

  1. Travel along WV I-79 to Fairmont, WV exit 137 to 310 Downtown Fairmont Exit
  2. Turn West on WV-310,E Park Ave and proceed West to traffic light
  3. Turn right on Old WV-73,CR-73,Speedway and go 1.6 miles
  4. Turn left onto Morgantown Ave proceed to Y approx 1000 ft
  5. At Y follow road to right (straight) proceed approx 1000 ft to County Highway 72/4 on right
  6. Turn right on Poor Farm Rd (County Highway 72/4) and go North for 1.6 miles.
  7. Meredith Field will be on the right.

Club Documents

AMA Safety Rules

Club Bi-Laws

Field Rules

Mowing Rules

New Member Application

Meeting Minutes


New Remote Control Pilot Recommendations

A Note about the AMA Park Flyer Program : Please be sure to read and understand the AMA Frequently Asked Questions about the Park Pilot Program.

The Fairmont Flyers allows park pilots to be members of the club, however you are limited to aircraft that are less than 2 pounds AND fly slower than 60 MPH. For the safety of our members and the land owners this rule will be enforced. In most cases, the benefits that come with the Full AMA membership out weight the cost savings of the park pilot program.

Come join us at our informal fly-in picnics at Noon on the second Saturday of each month, May-August. (the third Saturday is a rain date) – Get down to the field, have a hot dog on us and fly a plane or hang out.

New Pilot Rules

All new pilots, regardless of experience level, are required to perform a landing from both the left and the right (wind permitting) before being allowed to fly unsupervised. These landings must be performed with 2 club offers or safety officers. The officers expect you to perform a good preflight of your airplane, and will not allow the plane to fly if they see anything that they deem to be a safety issue. Please see our field rules and bi-laws for more information.

We want everyone to have fun, but we also want to provide a safe environment for pilots and their families to enjoy the hobby.

If you have never flow before, haven’t flowing in a long time, or have doubts or questions about a new airplane please consider taking advantage of our new pilot training program.

New Pilot Training Program

Our new pilot training program is available to all card-carrying club members. Our instructors are volunteering their time so that you can become a better pilot more quickly than if you were learning on your own. We use a method known as “buddy boxing” to teach new pilots. This allows the instructor to hold a second radio and take over control of the airplane if it appears that the airplane is out of control and may crash.

Please keep in mind that club instructors and the Fairmont Flyers cannot guarantee that your equipment will not become damaged during lessons, and we are not responsible for any needed repairs (Though, if you ask nicely you will likely find more than enough people willing to help you repair your airplane). We will provide our best effort to keep your airplane safe, but it is not always possible. This is especially true while you are learning to land and take off and the airplane is in close proximity to the ground.

For scheduling, please contact our volunteer instructors (information located on the Contact Us page). You may need to contact more than 1 to setup a time that works best for you.

New Pilot Equipment Guide

One of the most daunting aspects of getting into Remote Control Flying is purchasing your first airplane and all the equipment that goes along with it. Below are 2 different recommendations of airplanes for new pilots. The first option is a much simplier option for people that would like to jump in feet first and begin flying in as little time as possible. The second option is a little more complex and will require you to learn more as you setup and fine-tune your airplane. Which option you choose will be completely up to you.

The two options below are for those who do not know where to start. If you already have an airplane or would like a different setup, we will try to support you the best we can.

Option 1: Ready to Fly Electric Trainer

Airplane/Radio Combintion :

It is recommended that you purchase several additional batteries so that you can get more flying time in.

Extra Batteries


Option 2: Almost Ready To Fly Electric Trainer

With the growing number of Ready to Fly systems on the market, we no longer recommend an Almost Ready To Fly trainer. Most new RC pilots will have a better experience, for less money, with a Ready to fly system like the ones listed above.

Flight Simulators

RC Flight Simulators are useful tools for learning how to fly remote control airplanes. They do NOT replace buddy boxing with an experienced instructor on a real remote control airplane, but using a flight simulator on a regular basis during your training will help you advance your skills faster.

Radio/Joysticks are available for FMS from third part vendors. AeroFly, Phoenix, and Real Flight and all be purchases with or without a Radio/Joy Stick. AeroFly and Phoenix have adaptors for using your Real radio with them. Adaptors and software are available to use your real radio with FMS as well.

Due to the large number of hardware and software options the Fairmont Flyers cannot provide support for your RC Flight Simulator.

External Links:

Membership Information

New Members

New Pilots are welcome at the club. If you are new to RC or a seasoned pilot looking for a beautiful place to fly you will find a laid back and experienced group of modelers willing to lend a hand.

For new modelers membership provides the opportunity to have questions answered by experienced modelers and learn to fly. Experienced modelers will enjoy our 400' grass runway, 90' Micro runway, and the interaction with the club’s diverse membership.

New pliots that want to join the club, please fill out an application and contact one of our club officers.

Please be familiar with the club rules prior to flying. All members and guest pilots must be AMA members before joining or flying at the field.

New members can use the Paypal form below for payment, but only after contacting a club officer and submitting a membership application.

Membership Renewal

You can renew your membership using Paypal, but will need to have a Paypal account, and follow the steps below. The money must be sent as For friends and Family. If you cannot use this method please bring dues payment to the next club meeting.

Please email your mailing address to paypal@fairmontflyers.org if you would like us to send your membership card to you in the mail, otherwise you can pickup your card at the yearly dues meeting.

Please remember that club dues are required by April 1 of each year. Late fees will be assessed after that, and required to be paid before you receive your membership card.


  1. Go to Paypal.com
  2. Click the "Login" button in the upper right corner
  3. Click the Send button
  4. Enter "@heycod182" in the search box
  5. Enter "85.00" into the amount
  6. Put your Name, your AMA number, and "Fairmont Flyers Dues" in the note / what's this for field
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Click "For friends and family"
  9. Click "Continue"
  10. Click "Send"

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

Fairmont Flyers RC Club
P.O. Box 1742
Fairmont WV 26555

Club Officers:


Derek King
Email: kb8wsf@ma.rr.com

Vice President / Secretary

Willie Toothman
Email: willie@ridgerunnerinc.com


David Nicholas
Email: heycod@gmail.com

Safety Coordinator

Mike Oreskovich
Email: jmo@ma.rr.com

Web Master: Michael Bond